Videotape Conversion

I also offer videotape conversion services. I do all of the following – VHS, VHS-C, hi-8, miniDV, Sony DVR minidisk.

$10/tape or disk, plus $50 per 20 tapes for capture time. DVDs are a minimum of $50, if you have a USB stick there’s no charge unless I need to buy them. Splicing tapes is also $25 extra.

Feel free to contact me for a quote!

I highly recommend Adam, he did a great job converting all of our precious old family videos, now they are all on one location for viewing at our leisure. He also did a great job with videotaping a speaker at a womens event at my parish. Check him out for any of your conversion or videotaping needs.
-Sharon, Nashua, NH

We were extremely happy with Adam’s work with our home videos. He’s a trustworthy source, works in a timely fashion and went above and beyond to try and help us capture many old videos that had sustained damage. I have and will continue to recommend Adam to anyone looking to have videos preserved.
-Carrie, Nashua, NH

Adam is one of the most talented videographers that I have had the pleasure of working with. He brings a sense of humor, a keen eye for detail, and an ability to improvise on the fly to make ideas work. I’ve always been impressed with his editing ability and talent. He works quickly and fluidly and is great at getting on the same page as you if you’re asking for help with editing. He’s also incredibly sound when it comes to making technology work, even if it’s technology that may have seem its best days he’ll find a solution. Some of my best moments professionally have been working on video projects with Adam.
-Derek, Nashua, NH

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