New album out! Mr. Shaw’s Math Songs!!

18 08 2021

I am pleased to announce that my new album, Mr. Shaw’s Math Songs, are out on iTunes as well as other media players. Please visit my linktree to listen!

We Believe – playlist on Youtube!

16 10 2018

Here’s a playlist of all my music from my album “We Believe”, recorded in 2010! ! I hope you enjoy it!

You’ve Captured My Heart

28 06 2015

Please give my latest track a listen on Soundcloud. I will put a link in the blogroll as well.

Blessed Be Your Name – METAL version

10 11 2014

Here’s a slideshow video with the song Blessed Be Your Name by Matt Redman, done in a metal style. Sung by members of the Choiniere Family Ministry

Thank you, Adam Sandler… :)

11 10 2014

Want to love the coffee!

What Makes Math Square-Rootiful

19 05 2014

What Makes Math Square-Rootiful

Here is a demo of my song What Makes Math Square Rootiful. Enjoy!

Markup and Discount Explanation

14 02 2014

Very useful information. The most useful is towards the end (around 5:00 or so).

Darth Vader Explains the Pythagorean Theorem. No it’s not me.

26 11 2013

Evaluate… substitute and simplify!!

2 11 2013

Using the order of operations to simplify expressions

2 11 2013

6th graders – pay attention to this! 🙂 I recommend you don’t use lipstick though…