Here’s a playlist of all my music from my album “We Believe”, recorded in 2010! ! I hope you enjoy it!

Mega Man meets Unearth!

NH Catholic Youthfest – LIFT Ministries playing I Am Free (using 3 different camera angles)

NH Catholic Youthfest promotional Video – 2012

This is footage of Matt Maher’s No Greater Love played by the LaSalette eXtreme Music Ministry in Attleboro, MA. Notice my sweet power jump… 😛

This is the extended version of the New Hampshire Youthfest 2011 Promotional video, filmed in May 2010 and completed with new logo in February 2011.

I produced this video in February 2010 for my parish’s Lifeteen group at Immaculate Conception Parish in Nashua, NH. You can watch part 2 here.

I produced this video in February 2009 to be used in an e-mail promo for Transparent Language‘s Byki software. This was filmed in around 1.5 hours, involving only two people: myself and the cameraman! This video premieres on the front of Byki’s BykiTV page!

For Valentine’s day, feel free to share this with your loved one here!

Here is one of many videos I posted on my personal YouTube page. This video was filmed at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH for New Hampshire Youthfest.

I designed this picture slideshow video of Jon Niven’s song “Quiet Enough” using Final Cut Express (and later in Final Cut Pro).

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