Evaluate… substitute and simplify!!

2 11 2013

Using the order of operations to simplify expressions

2 11 2013

6th graders – pay attention to this! 🙂 I recommend you don’t use lipstick though…


31 10 2013


Balancing Equations Cartoon

30 09 2013

Weirdest math cartoon I have ever seen, but cute in its own way. Enjoy!


9 09 2013

Here’s a silly song on the Order of Operations. Questions:

1) Do I make that face?
2) Can I make a better face?
3) Can YOU make that face

I think he just said super duper cheesy.

So use PEMDAS to get it riiiight…. 🙂

Enjoying the weekend in Cleveland

26 05 2013

I am here spending a beautiful weekend here in Cleveland. The Rock and Roll Hall of fame was awesome. I really appreciate the roots of this kinds of music. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed music of my youth. Hopefully this kind of music comes back with a vengeance… If it hasn’t already! Peace!


Finding π… with pie!!

14 03 2013