Santa santa santa santa

23 12 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!! Celebrate it… with santa badgers!! 🙂

The Catholic Dance

23 12 2012

This is where I first witnessed the Catholic Dance, created by DJ Bill Lage. And my students LOVE this!

This guy is awesome, maybe I should teach this way LOL!

18 12 2012

He also does the “numbah line dance” 🙂

I’m a Math Geek and I Know It

4 12 2012

This is fascinating, I have always wondered if we would ever run out of new music. Well, not in our lifetime, to start!

24 11 2012

I was a leprechaun once!

15 11 2012

Some of my students wanted to see me as a leprechaun so I said why not 🙂 Here it is!

Estimating Square Roots to the Nearest Integer

3 11 2012

I will do this, but better. Stay tuned. :)

21 10 2012

Video Caption

The Beauty of Mathematics

15 10 2012

Mega Man meets Unearth!

25 07 2012

This is one of my “geeky” type videos… for fans of Mega Man and Unearth, I am sure you will enjoy this!